Reset Day 4/8/19 – Love Story

Recently we received an order with the curious date 4/8/19 and the words “Reset Day” on it.  Interested in the story behind this special day (coincidentally it is also my birthday) I reached out to the customer to find the significance.

It is a story of two people in two different countries that met 22 years ago! Interviewing in the US was a man from Norway and by chance met a young American lady. There appeared to be a special connection but the timing was not meant to be and they eventually went their separate ways. Each created lives of their own apart. The man remained in Norway and the woman continued working and traveled quite often internationally. This past April she found herself in Norway and took a chance and reached out to the man from Norway. Remarkably they met again after 22 years on an old iron bridge in Oslo on 4/8/19. What happens next one can only wonder. They continue to correspond and next year on the one year anniversary of “Reset Day” they will hang the lock with the special engraving “Reset Day” and the date on the old iron bridge. From there we will have to wait and see … be continued……
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