Frequently Asked Questions

We get a lot of questions about our engraved padlocks and our processes.Below you will find those questions that are most often asked of us and we have broken them down into two different categories.
If you have a question that can’t be answered by one of these, please let us know.
Visit the Contact page and submit your question, we will respond ASAP.

What is Lock-itz®?
Lock-itz® is a company that was started to fill a need for those who are searching for a unique gift idea for someone special.
Do these make good gifts?
Absolutely!!!  Anyone who has ever received a personalized gift will take special note of when and where they received the gift.  You can be ensured that your gift on an engraved padlock will not be soon forgotten.
What can I use the Lock-itz® for?
Our custom engraved padlocks can be used for anything that a normal padlock would be used for.  However, since these padlocks are being engraved, we would expect them to be used as gifts for loved ones.
How are love padlocks being incorporated in weddings or the planning process?
Love padlocks are truly a unique and memorable wedding gift. Our padlocks have been used as gifts from the groom to the bride. They can be given as gifts from friends or relatives of the wedding couple to commemorate that special day. We have also seen couples use the love padlock in the ceremony itself, where the padlock is locked and the key is thrown into a river or lake.
Where can I leave an engraved padlock?
Lock-itz ® does not encourage the placement of locks in public places and can not be held responsible by any local authority by the placing of their customers locks.
However there are a number of sites around the country/globe where love padlocks have been placed. Please check out our History page for some great places where they are already being placed.
It is also a goal of ours to find locations in the United States and will assist our customers in contacting local authorities to grant permission for a love lock location.

What are the dimensions of the padlock?
Our padlocks are available in 3 different sizes; 1-3/16 inches, 2 inches and 3 inches. The difference in size only pertains to the shackle on the padlock. The body of the padlock is the same regardless of shackle size; 1-3/4 wide by 1-3/16 tall, 3/4 inches thick.
Total height of each model does vary: Model 100 – 3-5/16″, Model 102 – 4-1/8″, Model 103 – 5-1/8″ (inches)


Are the padlocks rust proof?
Yes our engraved padlocks are rust proof. They are made of high quality Aluminum and are then powder coated in your choice of color.


Are the locks painted or powder coated or colored aluminum?
Our engraved padlocks are black powder coated by the manufacturer and then laser engraved to etch away the powder coating. You’re left with a brilliant white on black (or whichever color you choose) contrast!

What color options are available?
Currently, Lock-itz® offers our custom engraved padlocks in 9 colors.  Blue, red, gold, black, bronze, purple, burnt orange, chartreuse and green. Please note that computer color resolutions can vary from computer to computer and the preview page color might vary slightly from the actual lock color.
How long does it take to deliver?
Orders are typically fulfilled within one business day from the time they are submitted, and delivery usually takes an additional two to three days depending on the domestic location. Overnight and international shipping is also available, although delivery times may vary depending on destination. All orders are shipped via USPS and tracking information is provided on all orders.
Do you offer overnight shipping?
Yes! Please contact: robert@lock-itz.com if you need your lock overnight. There is an up charge but many times it may not be necessary because we can get you lock out same day.
What about international shipping?
We do offer international shipping. However, the delivery time can be anywhere from 7 – 14 business days from the time of shipment. Please note the USPS does not track packages once they leave the United States.
How many characters can I get engraved on the padlock?
We currently offer 5 lines of text and up to 13 characters per line on our padlocks.. The actual number of characters is dependent on the font selection and can be sized to fit with smaller fonts. Please contact: robert@lock-itz.com if you need assistance with fitting an engraving.
Can I get both sides of the padlock engraved?
Yes. The opposite side of the padlock is blank but does have a small hole used in the construction of the lock. If you want the other side engraved please contact: robert@lock-itz.com to find out more. There may be a small additional engraving charge.
Do you offer different fonts?
Yes.  The font selection is made at the time you place your order.
Can I order more than one?
Of course, order as many as you like!

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