About Lock-itz

Our Story

At Lock-itz.com®, our engraved padlocks represent an idea that was formulated while sitting around the breakfast table. We were the first company in the United States to start marking this unique idea. Engraved love padlocks are a custom by which sweethearts affix padlocks to a fence or similar public fixture to symbolize their love and has been around for quite some time.The most common place of engraved love padlocks are railings of the bridges. It is suggested that the custom of ‘locking a padlock and throwing away the key’ probably originated in China

Our Goal

We want to give our customers unique gift ideas for everyone that not only could be used by husbands and boyfriends, but also for parents, grand-parents and best friends. We feel that our custom engraved padlocks and heart tokens provide our customers with the opportunity to express and individualize an otherwise boring padlock.We feel that an engraved padlock makes for a unique gift experience that the recipient will cherish and not soon forget.


We also offer cute Heart Tokens and Dog Tags that can alos express your love.

What we do

We offer a top of the line, high quality padlocks, specialty heart locks,  heart tokens, heart paperweights and dog tags. Each one can be customized with your engraving.

What and why our customers buy our product.

Weddings, Graduations, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Proposals, Just to say I Love You, Mother’s Day, Fathers Day, Grandparents, New Born’s, Adoptions, Memorials, Travel Destinations, FUN!

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