Custom Engraved Love Locks


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*Our custom engraved padlocks come in 3 sizes: 1-3/16, 2 and 3 inch
shackles, Start customizing your lock-itz below!*


Custom Engraving


Add a Figure 8 Key Ring

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Special Characters

Enter the capital letter and number
to have the character engraved.
H1 = t
H3 = T
H5 = G
H7 = m
H9 = C
J1 = a
J3 = v
J5 = A
J7 = h
J9 = v
G1 = n
H2 = R
H4 = U
H6 = E
H8 = g
H0 = r
J2 = b
J4 = Q
J6 = y
J8 = q
J0 = l
G2 = o

*Preview is for reference only, actual engraved padlock may vary slightly.

Please review all spelling and capitalization before proceeding with your order. Once we engrave your order with the information you have provided, we will not refund orders due to mistakes in these areas.*