“If you aren’t familiar with the love locks on the Brooklyn Bridge you should Google it. I had known about this in advance. Couples “lock their love” with a strategically placed padlock somewhere on the bridge and throw away the key. My wife didn’t know anything about this and when we began encountering the locks she wondered about them and I explained what they were and she was so disappointed we hadn’t brought a lock. The look on her face when I pulled out a lock from my pocket was priceless. It may sound corny I suppose but she said next to our engagement it was the single most romantic thing I had ever done. To see the smile (and tears) on her face was worth it. We locked up somewhere on the Manhattan side.”

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Attention Shoppers!

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Last Engraving Day of the YEAR will be Friday December 20th. In order to receive your Holiday gift by Christmas you must get your order in by Noon Friday the 2oth…eastern standard time.


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Are you looking for STOCKING STUFFERS for the kids?

Need a last minute GREAT gift kids will love?

Taglitz is the answer – Kids are loving them and they are flying out of our warehouse.

Personalize a dog tag with whatever you want on it.

Kids are wearing them, putting them on their backpacks and hanging them in their lockers.

Tag a friend by giving them a Taglitz today!!


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Its that time of year to say that something special to the ones you love. Take advantage of our Holiday prices before its too late.

Say that something special with our classic Love Lock or our unique Specialty Heart Lock.

Don’t want a a lock?

Take a look at our NEW Heart Paper Weight or our FUN Dawg Tags – great for the kids!

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