Hope all are well and healthy during this worldwide pandemic. We are in a shelter down situation in Connecticut only leaving the home from essentials – food and alcohol. This is to say that the alcohol helps along with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney.


My wife and I moved our business to our home in anticipation of a shelter down at the beginning of February. We can operate our business here and are are FULLY operational.


We stand by our policy of shipping orders SAME DAY / NEXT Day. This of course is determined by when you place your order. For instance, if you order before noon EST we can get it in the mail that day because our mail pick up is in the early afternoon. Most importantly, we ship using PRIORITY MAIL USPS. Depending on where you live makes a difference of when it will arrive, priority mail will get to you in 1, 2 or 3 days.We get many orders to Kansas City and for whatever reason it takes 3 days to get there but what is really strange is that an order to Hawaii only takes 2 days! Not sure why?

special offer

If there ever was a a time to order NOW is the time to send a heart to someone. Because of this we are offering a 20% discount to all of customers. This implies we want to help people have a special unique way of saying I’m Thinking of You and I love you. So please use the coupon Code: We Love You during check out to receive the 20% discount.

Especially because of these unusual times we treat each order as a top priority because we know how much love is behind each order.


If you have any questions or help please contact me directly, you can do so at,
Robert Timmons
203 847 – 7700

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We at Lock-itz hope all are well and healthy. We want to help spread the word of LOVE by offering a discount on all orders. What better way to reach out to someone to let them know you care with one of our heart locks. Don’t let them be alone. We have moved our office to my home and have taken all precautions to self contain our operation and contact.
Help spread LOVE with the coupon code: We Love You

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We at Lock-itz hope all are well and stay healthy.
We are FULLY operational and have self quarantined our office. We currently run our operation out of my home and have no contact with outside customers or clients.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

Robert Timmons
President Lock-itz

203 847 – 7700

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