Check out Plant City, Florida.


Tomlin Middle School, Plant City.


Three years ago the Tomlin PTA reached out to me to purchase special padlocks for their exceptional students.


They created an Honor Wall at the school and recognize any student that earns straight “A’s” for the entire year.  Each grade gets a different color and a personalized lock. The locks are at the school and serve as inspiration to strive for success.

6th graders get a blue one, 7th graders get a black one and 8th graders orange – the school colors.

This year because it is the third anniversary of students earning the locks, if any student in eighth grade earned one in 6th and 7th grade they received a GOLD Honor Lock. Pretty cool idea, right?

The front has the students names and year and the back seen in the picture also has the school mascot, Nice huh?

This is a quite a unique way to honor outstanding students and they love them.

If you know a school that might want to join in please contact us:

Work Number: 203 847 – 7700

Please help spread the word about this unique inspirational educational news.

We would love to work with more schools.

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