Lock-itz Lock Down Love Locks

Do you know a High School senior that will miss out on their final few months of senior year? Graduation? Sports? Clubs and Activities? What a cool idea to lock in their senior year with a lock.

Lock-itz has been in high demand this past month supplying schools and teams honoring their seniors that will miss out. We can customize our special “lock down” love locks to commemorate this unusual time.


Because we can we offer bulk rates and have been working with many schools across the US. Check out a few of our pictures and pass this along to someone in your school district.

Please contact me at robert@lock-itz.com for more info about how we can help their school make this happen. website: www.lock-itz.com



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We Love You

In this time of quarantine and little access of the outside world now is the BEST time you can let someone know you care. Please use the coupon code we love you to receive a 20% discount.

How to Say I Love You

Our heart locks are the perfect way to say I love you. Imagine the look on that special persons face when they open our special gift box and find a beautifully engraved heart lock with something special that you designed.

What is your heart saying?

Let someone know you are thinking of them while you can’t be with them. Send a heart send some love. Send something say something now.

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Hope all are well and healthy during this worldwide pandemic. We are in a shelter down situation in Connecticut only leaving the home from essentials – food and alcohol. This is to say that the alcohol helps along with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Disney.


My wife and I moved our business to our home in anticipation of a shelter down at the beginning of February. We can operate our business here and are are FULLY operational.


We stand by our policy of shipping orders SAME DAY / NEXT Day. This of course is determined by when you place your order. For instance, if you order before noon EST we can get it in the mail that day because our mail pick up is in the early afternoon. Most importantly, we ship using PRIORITY MAIL USPS. Depending on where you live makes a difference of when it will arrive, priority mail will get to you in 1, 2 or 3 days.We get many orders to Kansas City and for whatever reason it takes 3 days to get there but what is really strange is that an order to Hawaii only takes 2 days! Not sure why?

special offer

If there ever was a a time to order NOW is the time to send a heart to someone. Because of this we are offering a 20% discount to all of customers. This implies we want to help people have a special unique way of saying I’m Thinking of You and I love you. So please use the coupon Code: We Love You during check out to receive the 20% discount.


Especially because of these unusual times we treat each order as a top priority because we know how much love is behind each order.


If you have any questions or help please contact me directly, you can do so at,
Robert Timmons
203 847 – 7700

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We at Lock-itz hope all are well and healthy. We want to help spread the word of LOVE by offering a discount on all orders. What better way to reach out to someone to let them know you care with one of our heart locks. Don’t let them be alone. We have moved our office to my home and have taken all precautions to self contain our operation and contact.
Help spread LOVE with the coupon code: We Love You

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We at Lock-itz hope all are well and stay healthy.
We are FULLY operational and have self quarantined our office. We currently run our operation out of my home and have no contact with outside customers or clients.

Any questions or concerns please contact:

Robert Timmons
President Lock-itz

203 847 – 7700

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A love lock or love padlock is a padlock which sweethearts lock to a bridge, fence, gate, monument, or similar public fixture to symbolize their love. Typically, the sweethearts’ names or initials are inscribed on the padlock, and its key is thrown away to symbolize unbreakable love.
Lock up you love today this Valentine’s Day with one of our special customized engraved love locks.
February is the month of LOVE and Lock-itz is helping out by running a SPECIAL sale.
Enter coupon code:  lovelockitz2020  and get 20% off all items.
We ship same day/next day getting you your love lock super fast.
Simple and sweet say it today and lock it up!
What is your heart saying?
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Recently we received an order with the curious date 4/8/19 and the words “Reset Day” on it.  Interested in the story behind this special day (coincidentally it is also my birthday) I reached out to the customer to find the significance.

It is a story of two people in two different countries that met 22 years ago! Interviewing in the US was a man from Norway and by chance met a young American lady. There appeared to be a special connection but the timing was not meant to be and they eventually went their separate ways. Each created lives of their own apart. The man remained in Norway and the woman continued working and traveled quite often internationally. This past April she found herself in Norway and took a chance and reached out to the man from Norway. Remarkably they met again after 22 years on an old iron bridge in Oslo on 4/8/19. What happens next one can only wonder. They continue to correspond and next year on the one year anniversary of “Reset Day” they will hang the lock with the special engraving “Reset Day” and the date on the old iron bridge. From there we will have to wait and see …..to be continued……
Thank you for sharing your story with Lock-itz and we can’t wait to hear more!
If you have a story please share.
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