Check out Plant City, Florida.


Tomlin Middle School, Plant City.


Three years ago the Tomlin PTA reached out to me to purchase special padlocks for their exceptional students.


They created an Honor Wall at the school and recognize any student that earns straight “A’s” for the entire year.  Each grade gets a different color and a personalized lock. The locks are at the school and serve as inspiration to strive for success.

6th graders get a blue one, 7th graders get a black one and 8th graders orange – the school colors.

This year because it is the third anniversary of students earning the locks, if any student in eighth grade earned one in 6th and 7th grade they received a GOLD Honor Lock. Pretty cool idea, right?

The front has the students names and year and the back seen in the picture also has the school mascot, Nice huh?

This is a quite a unique way to honor outstanding students and they love them.

If you know a school that might want to join in please contact us:

Work Number: 203 847 – 7700

Please help spread the word about this unique inspirational educational news.

We would love to work with more schools.

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Paper Weights for LOVE

Give the gift of organization this Valentine’s Day with our one of a kind unique HEART PAPERWEIGHTS. These adorable hearts were specifically design for Lock-itz® and are a huge hit, especially this time of year.

What a unique idea for that special loved one. Say it simple on one of our hearts and they will always know you love them when they are at work or at home. These adorable hearts fit right in on your desk and of course serve a purpose as well. Brilliant heart red the engraving you choose will let everyone that stops at your desk know who your special one is.

Buy a bunch for the office and your workers will love them. What better way to spread LOVE in the office?

Special Valentine’s special going on NOW!

Include one of our unique paperweights in your order and you get 25% off the entire order!

Put heart in your cart” this Valentine’s Day!

Please contact for bulk orders.

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Lock-itz® introduces two NEW colors for their heart lock collection – Blue and Green

Our customers rave about these adorable locks. What better way is there to send your valentine a heart? Don’t send a card or chocolate send a HEART. Not only is the heart special but you get to choose what you want to write on it. Keep it simple with maybe just your initials or say something profound that really hits home. Our locks are laser engraved and can never fade or come off. Each lock comes with an adorable small key that can used as a charm on a bracelet or necklace. The key is a symbol that you and only you can use to unlock and keep your special ones heart safe.

Our new two colors are different and cute. The blue is as cool as the ocean in the tropics and the green is symbol of growth and newness in a beautiful garden.

The locks are 1.75” by 1.5” with a 0.75” shackle. They make a perfect attachment to a purse or keychain. This way she can carry your heart wherever she goes.

Be sure to check out our special Valentine’s Day sale going on right now.

All single orders are on SALE – 10% off——-Buy TWO or more items and receive 20% OFF!!!

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Love is in the AIR

2018 starts a new year of love. Is there someone special in your life? Maybe this is the year to take a step forward and say what really is in your heart.

Lock-itz® has a question for you? “What is your heart saying in 2018?” Make a list and write everything and anything that your heart has to say. Speak from your heart and don’t be shy. Is there that special person that you’ve be wanting to say the three magic words to or maybe you just don’t say it enough. It’s simple and sweet.


The three complete words that can be hard to say at times. We at Lock-itz® want to make it simple for you to say it on a heart lock with an adorable key that can be used as a charm.

Valentine’s Day is only 5 weeks away. Start planning now to pop that question or just say those three simple words – I LOVE YOU.

Use us to make it simple and easy and say what your heart has been saying all along.

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Lock-itz delivers. We get our orders out same day or next day if we miss the mail on the day you order.

Here is what Chris from Round Hill, VA wrote us: “Just wanted to say how awesome and super fast your work is. thank you! I hope she likes it!”

We offer high quality laser engravings and every order is top priority. If you want something special and you don’t see it on our site contact: . Just let us know know what you are thinking and we can custom design something special and get it done super fast.

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Today’s trendy way of showing one’s true love how you feel are love locks. Lock-itz offers affordable and adorable love locks. Once upon a time sweethearts carved their initials someplace special as a sign of commitment that would last forever. Love locks are the perfect gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife. You choose what you want to say and preview it on our online store at:  Love locks make the perfect gift for any occasion. Engagements, weddings, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthday’s or just any day you just want to say I love you.

Lock up your love this Mother’s Day with our special Love Mom Offer.  Enter the coupon code: ilovemom17 before May15th to get 20% of your special lock for Mom.




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Black Friday? Of Course we have a sale. All items are on sale for 25% OFF…now until the 27th!

Enter: blackfriday2016 during checkout.


Why not tell the one you love with a personalized custom engraved Heart Love Lock. These adorable hearts are the perfect way to say “I love you”.  Simple and to the point. We make it easy just like the old days when you would secretly engrave or doodle you and your loved ones names somewhere.

Quality engraving with super fast service.  All of our orders go out same day or next day…nobody can beat that.

From three different colors to choose from: Classic Red, Pretty in Pink and Soft Purple you can capture someones heart the old fashioned way.

Superior quality for the right price. Only $17.99 ...$13.50 with the discount!

Sometimes it is not the big gift that wins the heart but the simple ones that reminder us of how much we mean to each other. Show how much love is in your heart with a heart.

Order now for the holidays.







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Love Locks in Wisconsin!

Are you from Wisconsin and heading to Beaver Creek? Use the coupon code: Beaver Creek and get 5% off your order. Bring your loved one to the bridge and lock your love together with one of our custom engraved love padlocks.

Our love locks are custom engraved to what you want. Simple and to the point. Engrave your names, initials or say something from your heart.


Choose from 9 brilliant colors Gold, Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, Bronze, Orange and Chartreuse and 3 different sizes.

If a padlock doesn’t suit your fancy then order one of our adorable Heart Tokens. They come in three colors, Red, Purple and Pink. Each token comes with a cute little key that can be used as a charm pendant.

Order TODAY!


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Schools are going to be out for summer. Are you a school looking for a really neat idea for your end of the year awards?
Our DOG TAGS – we call them Taglitz are PERFECT!
School orders are rolling in and the demand is high this year.

We most likely have your school or team color and can engrave ANYTHING. Customize them with the students name or just a simple engraving like “Orange Team Super Star”.

One great idea comes from Darien, CT…they honor their students with a dog tag if they earned an “A” in all four quarters of the year in the core subjects: English, math, science, world language and world studies. What a GREAT idea…thank you Middlesex Middle School and congratulations to your outstanding students.

Another great idea comes from a customer in MA. Their children are going to summer camp and they got special tags for each of their kids. Thank you Pierce family!

We offer discounts to schools and large orders.
Contact us NOW. email:

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